Gain the deep insight needed to hardwire diversity and inclusion into everything you do – from building teams to creating products

Discover how groundbreaking technologies must be developed with diversity and inclusion at their core, enable your organisation to benefit from the power of diverse thought, and join a vibrant community of like-minded people

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A massive thanks to all our attendees, speakers, sponsors and partners for helping to create such an insightful and inspiring day.

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Next year we will be growing this event to help organisations make progress on diversity and inclusion across all industries, not just tech.


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Diversity in Tech is truly one of the best conferences I have ever attended. Seamlessly organised, engaging and incredibly high quality in terms of the moderators, facilitators and speakers.

Innovation Lead, Microsoft

The innovation forum where at the core of talks and workshops is what makes Humans so unique and special

Product Director Manufacturing Engineering, Photobox Group

An important conference for our times. Bringing together the disparate strands of diversity with forward thinking decision makers in all the niches of the tech sector

Founder, BAME in Games

About Diversity in Technology 2018

Diversity in Technology is brought to you by the creators of the world’s largest Women in Tech event series. We empower individuals and assist companies in reshaping their culture to improve equality.

Diversity and inclusion is one of the biggest challenges facing the tech industry today, from the talent pipeline to products and services.

When businesses consist of people from the same backgrounds, they often leave diverse ideas, perspectives and considerations by the wayside. Those with visible and invisible disabilities, those from disadvantaged backgrounds and those who don’t fit the status quo are often left out.

This conference will connect and empower people from minority groups, provide insight into ground breaking technologies, and enable organisations to build truly diverse and inclusive cultures.


Speakers include

Shaheen Sayed

Managing Director, Technology and Financial Services @ Accenture

Jacky Wright

Chief Digital and Information Officer @ HMRC

Simone Satchell

Diversity and Inclusion Lead for Global Technology Infrastructure @ J.P.Morgan

Ashleigh Ainsley

Co-Founder @

Topics being discussed


Business Strategies

- How to Cultivate Leadership in Today’s Multigenerational Workplace

- Could Quotas be the Silver Bullet for Equality?

- What Part Will Data Play in Developing the Future of Work?


Your Leadership & Teams

- Harnessing Digital to Embrace and Encourage Diversity

- The Global Manager

- Strategies for Effective Cross-Cultural Communication


Your Products

- Diversity by Design

- How to Build Accessible Products Without a Diverse Team

- BBC iPlayer and Adapting for an Accessible Platform


Your Future

- Humanising Diversity & Inclusion

- Smashing the Glass Wall

- How to Create an Inclusive Hiring Process


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